Mirror with wooden silver-gold carved frame 60x80cm

Mirror with wooden silver-gold carved frame 60x80cm
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Dimensions 60x80cm.

Genuine solid pine wood. Withstands environments with humidity and water vapor.

Mounting method: Hanging.

The package includes the crooked nails and the hooks for hanging.

Most of our mirrors can have led lighting, an option that you will see in the equivalent codes. If the mirror you are interested does not have an option for lighting, please send us a message so we can examine the options for your case... 

Illuminated mirrors are delivered with a cable for connection directly to the power supply of your house.

The essential characteristic of a mirror is the sharpness of the optical reflection and the quality of the colors. At Novaglass we use a european made 5mm mirror as our basic option, while we offer the option of the Extra Clear 6mm, made in Belgium

Extra Clear is the finest mirror quality, providing perfect image reflection, free from distortions or poor color reflection! 

The main reason for this, is that Extra Clear mirrors are made of silica with low iron content. This is the reason that they have a slight green tint at the edges, on contrast to the deep green in ordinary mirrors.

Ronde is a mirror technique in which the two edges of the mirror are smoothed (beveled) so that they are not sharp, while they have a better shiny optical effect. Apart from the aesthetics, with the Rodé treatment, the resistance of the mirror, against any slight knocks around the perimeter is significantly enhanced.

Bijoux is a mirror technique in which the finish is smoothed at an oblique angle, giving a distinct aesthetic finish, as the edges act as prisms that emit a spectrum of colors. Like the Ronde, with the Bijoux finish we have an economical solution that does not require a frame on the mirror.

Sandblasting is a decoration technique applied externally and usually as a border on a mirror. At Novaglass we use the method of deep or topographical sandblasting, with compressed air and sand that forms a flat, matte or embossed dull image as a border on our mirror.

Several mirrors in our collection have the option of a painted outline - border, a feature you can see as an option in every selectable code. Painted Outline is a technique that provides the look of a mirror frame, however it is a special indelible paint, that costs lower than a real frame. The most popular colors are Rose Gold, Gold and Black, however you can contact us for any color option from the RAL color palette.

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