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Fixed glass 10mm 90x190cm shower head with ceramic paint in black color

Fixed glass 10mm 90x190cm shower head with ceramic paint in black color
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Dimensions: 90x190cm.

The crystals are security (securite) 10mm with a black paint border (It is not a metal frame).

The border is made of a special black ceramic paint.

Mounting method: Electrostatically painted "P" aluminum guide.

You can choose the type of crystal. There are the following options:

  • Satine: this is a crystal milky smooth in terms of its texture and in terms of fluorination.
  • Extra-clear: this is an ultra-transparent crystal that does not turn green.
  • Nanoskin: is a permanent hydrophobic coating applied to the shower crystals. The invisible Nanoskin film prevents the accumulation of dirt and scale and makes the surfaces easy to clean and durable. The crystals retain their luster. Certified Greek product with a patented patent. Warranty 5 years.

*The price does not include installation.

* All shower cubicles and fixtures are packed in wooden boxes and sent to a shipping company.

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