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touch screen (smart touch)

touch screen (smart touch)

The BGE-TS5103K model combines ON/OFF control of mirror lighting and offers FM Radio , Bluetooth Pairing for mobile music, Celsius degree display and date and time display.

The control consists of 6 buttons:

  1. Reduction
  2. Increase
  3. Audio Volume/Adjustment/Memory
  4. Bluetooth/FM
  5. Time setting
  6. Power/Light (on/off)


Pressing (6) turns on the device and the keypad light, and after 5 seconds the current temperature and time are displayed. Pressing (6) once will turn the mirror light on or off and the corresponding icon will appear on the screen. Pressing and holding (6) for 3 seconds will turn the system off and the display light will go out.
By pressing and holding (5) for 3 seconds until the numbers in the time display area flash, the system time can be set. When the numbers are flashing, press button (1) or (2) to increase or decrease the numbers representing the time, while pressing button (5) again allows you to adjust the numbers representing the minutes accordingly. In the same way, the month or day is set depending on which number is flashing. (The time can only be set when FM Radio or Bluetooth is not in use)
Pressing (4) selects Bluetooth or FM radio. Pressing it again stops all music playback. The top left area of the screen will show the Bluetooth connection status or FM station information. Also, if no music is playing, this area will show the date.
When you are in Radio FM mode and press and hold (3) for 3 seconds the system will automatically scan and store Radio FM channels. After that with (1) and (2) you can browse the stored channels. To adjust the volume, press (3) once, and the sound display area will flash, and by pressing (1) and (2) you can adjust the volume. By pressing (3) twice you can select the transmit frequency manually using (1) and (2). When you have selected the desired frequency, press (3) again to store the frequency in memory.
Press (4) to switch to Bluetooth mode. At the top left, <<1-bit>> is displayed flashing, which means the system is in a search mode for connection. Turn on the mobile phone and in the Bluetooth settings search for the device <> to connect. When it stops flashing it means it is connected. Now you can play any music you want from your mobile phone. Pressing (3) takes you to the volume setting option, where (1) and (2) increase or decrease the intensity.