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Electrically heated membranes (Anti-glare membrane

Electrically heated membranes (Anti-glare membranes)

These are heated membranes that are placed on the bathroom mirror and heat it up to a certain temperature so that water vapour is avoided.


  • Excellent economic solution

The heated bathroom mirror is the most economical solution for avoiding water vapour because on the one hand it costs less than other bathroom fittings and on the other hand it needs less electricity than a common light bulb.


  • No chance of overheating

The heated membrane consists of materials that maintain a constant temperature so there is no possibility of overheating.


  • Easy installation with adhesive tape on the back of the mirror

To place it, simply peel the tanya off the film and place it on the part you want on the mirror. Then connect the terminal with the cable from the bathroom light so that it blinks when the bathroom light blinks.


  • Saving time

The bathroom mirror becomes heated in less than 4 minutes.


  • Energy economy

Lower power consumption by using new technology that ensures an increase in electrical resistance per square foot over time.


  • Mirror Temperature

The temperature of the mirror in the membrane area is 43°C - 48°C. This temperature is higher than the temperature of the steam created when you take a bath.


  • Time

The minimum time required from the moment the membrane is powered and until the mirror reaches the right temperature is about 4 minutes of the hour.



Make sure the wall is solid, flat, dry.
The mirror must be flat across its entire surface to prevent it from breaking.
Never touch anything on the surface of the mirror because it may prevent the heat from spreading evenly.
If the membrane is placed behind irregularly shaped mirrors or if the mirror is damaged in any way, even more care must be taken to avoid putting more pressure on it.


The membrane must not be cut or punctured because this will damage the insulation.
You should not peel off the membrane and reattach it because it will probably be damaged.
The majority of mirrors are made with a high quality coating that resists high temperatures for a long time.
The membrane can also be placed horizontally.